Aerial-Shoot: Meaning and Pronunciation

Aerial-Shoot is a noun that refers to the part of a plant that grows above the ground, including the stem, leaves, and flowers. In Telugu, it is known as ఆకాశ శాఖ (ākāśa śākha).

Pronunciation: (ay-ree-uhl shoot)

Synonyms of Aerial-Shoot

1. Aerial Part (ఆకాశ భాగం, ākāśa bhāgaṁ)

2. Aerial Organ (ఆకాశ అంగం, ākāśa aṅgaṁ)

3. Aerial Growth (ఆకాశ పెరుగు, ākāśa perugu)

Nearby Words

1. Aerial (Noun) – ఆకాశ (ākāśa) – The part of the environment above the ground or water.

Example: Birds fly in the aerial.

2. Shoot (Noun) – పెరుగు (perugu) – A new growth from a plant.

Example: The shoot of the plant emerged from the soil.

3. Stem (Noun) – స్థంభం (sthambhaṁ) – The main structural part of a plant that supports leaves, flowers, and fruits.

Example: The stem of the rose plant is thorny.


The antonym of Aerial-Shoot in Telugu is భూమి శాఖ (bhūmi śākha), which means “underground part.”

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