Adventure: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adventure is a noun that refers to an exciting or daring experience. It can also mean engaging in hazardous or risky activities. The word is pronounced as /ədˈvɛn(t)ʃər/.

Synonyms of Adventure

Some synonyms of adventure include:

  • Excursion (ప్రయాణం)
  • Exploration (అన్వేషణ)
  • Quest (ప్రయాణం)
  • Journey (ప్రయాణం)
  • Expedition (ప్రయాణం)

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to adventure:

  • Adventurous (adjective) – సాహసంగా
  • Adventurer (noun) – సాహసి
  • Adventuresome (adjective) – సాహసంగా
  • Adventurism (noun) – సాహసం

Example sentences:

  1. The group embarked on an exciting adventure through the dense forest. (noun)
  2. She is an adventurous traveler who loves exploring new places. (adjective)
  3. The adventurer climbed the treacherous mountain peak. (noun)
  4. They had an adventuresome journey across the vast ocean. (adjective)
  5. His adventurism often leads him into dangerous situations. (noun)


The antonym of adventure is ad (అపరాధం) in Telugu.

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