Amiably Meaning in Telugu

Amiably is an adverb that means to act in a friendly and pleasant manner. In Telugu, it can be translated as:

సౌహార్దపూర్వకంగా (sauhārdapūrvakaṅgā)

సౌహార్దపూర్వక (sauhārdapūrvaka)

సౌహార్దంగా (sauhārdamgā)

Pronunciation of Amiably

The pronunciation of amiably in Telugu is /əˈmaɪəbli/.

Nearby Words

1. Amiable (adjective) – సౌహార్దపూర్వకమైన (sauhārdapūrvakamaina)
Meaning: Having a friendly and pleasant manner.

2. Amiability (noun) – సౌహార్దం (sauhārdam)
Meaning: The quality of being friendly and pleasant.

3. Amicably (adverb) – సౌహార్దపూర్వకంగా (sauhārdapūrvakaṅgā)
Meaning: In a friendly and cooperative manner.

Amiably Synonyms

1. Friendly

2. Pleasantly

3. Cordially

Amiably Antonyms

The antonym of amiably in Telugu is అసౌహార్దంగా (asauhārdamgā).

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