Adulteress: Meaning and Pronunciation

An adulteress refers to a woman who engages in extramarital affairs or sexual relationships outside of her marriage. In Telugu language, the term “adulteress” can be translated as వివాహిత స్త్రీ వ్యభిచారిణి (vivāhita strī vyabhicāriṇi).

Pronunciation: (vivāhita strī vyabhicāriṇi)

Synonyms of Adulteress

1. Paramour: ప్రియమైన సంబంధించిన వ్యక్తి (priyamaina sambandhinchina vyakti)

2. Mistress: ప్రియమైన సంబంధించిన వ్యక్తి (priyamaina sambandhinchina vyakti)

3. Harlot: వేశ్య (vēśya)

Nearby Words

1. Adulterate (verb): కలిపి మార్చు (kalipi mārcu) – The chef decided to adulterate the recipe by adding extra spices.

2. Adulteration (noun): కలిపి మార్చుట (kalipi mārcuṭa) – The company was fined for the adulteration of their products.

3. Adulterer (noun): వివాహిత వ్యభిచారి (vivāhita vyabhicāri) – He was labeled as an adulterer after his affair was exposed.


The Telugu word for “ad” is విజ్ఞాపనం (vijñāpanaṁ), which means advertisement.

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