Aggregation: Meaning and Pronunciation

Aggregation is a noun that refers to the act of collecting or gathering things together into a whole. It can also mean the formation of a group or cluster. The word “aggregation” is pronounced as /ˌæɡrɪˈɡeɪʃən/.

Synonyms of Aggregation

Some synonyms of aggregation include collection, accumulation, assembly, cluster, and gathering.

Nearby Words

1. Aggregate (verb) – కూడించు (koodinchu) – The workers will aggregate the data for the report.

2. Aggregated (adjective) – కూడించిన (koodinchina) – The aggregated results showed a significant increase.

3. Aggregative (adjective) – కూడించుట (koodinchuta) – The aggregative behavior of the ants was fascinating to observe.


The antonym of aggregation in Telugu is “విభజన” (vibhajana), which means division or separation.

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