Aggregating: Meaning and Pronunciation

Aggregating is a verb that refers to the process of collecting or gathering different elements or pieces of information into a whole. In Telugu, it is translated as ఒకేసారిగా కలిగించు (okēsārigā kaliṅcin̄cu).

Pronunciation: (uh-gri-gey-ting)

Synonyms of Aggregating

1. Collecting
2. Gathering
3. Accumulating
4. Amassing
5. Compiling

Nearby Words

1. Aggregate (noun) – ఒకేసారిగా కలిగించుట
Example: The aggregate of all the data will provide a comprehensive analysis.

2. Aggregation (noun) – ఒకేసారిగా కలిగించుట
Example: The aggregation of resources is necessary for the project’s success.

3. Aggregator (noun) – ఒకేసారిగా కలిగించేవాడు
Example: The aggregator collects news articles from various sources.

4. Aggregated (adjective) – ఒకేసారిగా కలిగించిన
Example: The aggregated data showed a clear trend.

5. Aggregative (adjective) – ఒకేసారిగా కలిగించే
Example: The aggregative function combines multiple values into one.


The antonym of aggregating in Telugu is విభజించు (vibhajin̄cu).

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