Air-Core: Meaning and Pronunciation

Air-Core is a term used in electrical engineering to describe a type of inductor that has a hollow core made of air. In Telugu language, the meaning of air-core is వాయు-కేంద్రం (vāyu-kēndram).

Pronunciation: (air-core) – ఏర్-కోర్

Air-Core Synonyms

Some synonyms for air-core include:

  • Air-wound
  • Hollow-core
  • Air-coil

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to air-core:

  • Noun: Inductor – ఇండక్టర్ (iṇḍakṭar)
  • Noun: Coil – కోయిల్ (kōyil)
  • Noun: Magnet – అలంకారం (alaṅkāram)
  • Noun: Conductor – కండక్టర్ (kaṇḍakṭar)

Example Sentence: The air-core inductor is widely used in radio frequency applications.


The antonym for air-core in Telugu is భూకేంద్రం (bhūkēndram).

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