Adventuresome: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adventuresome is an English adjective that describes someone who is inclined to seek or enjoy adventures. In Telugu, it can be translated as సాహసంగానే (sāhasaṅgānē).

Pronunciation: ad-ven-cher-suhm

Synonyms of Adventuresome

Some synonyms of adventuresome include:

  • Daring (ధైర్యంగా, dhairyamgā)
  • Bold (ధీరుడు, dhīruḍu)
  • Brave (ధైర్యశాలి, dhairyaśāli)
  • Fearless (భయపడని, bhayapaḍani)
  • Adventurous (సాహసమైన, sāhasamaina)

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings:

  • Adventure (noun) – సాహసం (sāhasam) – “We embarked on an exciting adventure.”
  • Adventurer (noun) – సాహసి (sāhasi) – “He is a renowned adventurer.”
  • Adventurousness (noun) – సాహసం (sāhasam) – “Her adventurousness led her to explore new territories.”
  • Adventurously (adverb) – సాహసంగా (sāhasaṅgā) – “They traveled adventurously through the dense forest.”


The antonym of adventuresome is cautious. In Telugu, cautious can be translated as జాగ్రత్త (jāgratt).

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