Adventuress: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adventuress is a noun that refers to a woman who seeks or enjoys adventure, excitement, or risky experiences. In Telugu, it can be translated as సాహసికతనం చేసే మహిళ (sāhasikatanam cēsē mahiḷa).

Pronunciation: [ad-ven-cher-ess]

Synonyms of Adventuress

1. Daredevil (డేర్‌డేవిల్)

2. Thrill-seeker (త్రిల్‌-సీకర్)

3. Risk-taker (రిస్క్‌-టేకర్)

4. Explorer (అన్వేషకుడు)

5. Adventurer (సాహసి)

Nearby Words

1. Adventure (Noun) – సాహసం, ప్రయాణం

Example: She embarked on an adventure to climb Mount Everest.

2. Adventurous (Adjective) – సాహసంగా, అన్వేషణాత్మకంగా

Example: The couple went on an adventurous trip to the Amazon rainforest.

3. Adventurously (Adverb) – సాహసంగా, అన్వేషణాత్మకంగా

Example: He drove adventurously through the winding mountain roads.


The antonym of adventuress is ఆపదికి పడే మహిళ (āpadiki paḍē mahiḷa) which means “a woman who avoids danger or risk.”

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