Pronunciation: /ˈæktɪŋ/

Meanings in Telugu:

నటన (Nāṭana), నటింప (Naṭimpa)

Acting Synonyms:

performing, portraying, impersonating, dramatizing, enacting

Nearby Words:

– Actor (Noun) – నటుడు (Naṭuḍu)
– Act (Noun) – చర్య (Carya)
– Drama (Noun) – నాటకం (Nāṭakaṁ)
– Stage (Noun) – వేదిక (Vēdika)
– Performance (Noun) – ప్రదర్శన (Pradarśana)

Example Sentences:

– She is a talented actor in Telugu cinema. (Noun)
– The act was filled with emotion and intensity. (Noun)
– The school organized a wonderful drama performance. (Noun)
– The actors were rehearsing on the stage. (Noun)
– His performance in the play was outstanding. (Noun)


నిష్పక్షంగా (Niṣpakṣaṁgā)

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