Alludes: Meaning and Pronunciation

Alludes is a verb that means to make an indirect reference or mention something without explicitly stating it. It is pronounced as uh-loodz.

Synonyms of Alludes

Some synonyms of alludes include hints, suggests, implies, refers, and insinuates.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

  • Allude (verb) – సూచించుట, ఆడిపోవు
  • Allusion (noun) – ఆడిపోవడం, సూచన
  • Allusive (adjective) – ఆడిపోవడానికి సంబంధించిన, సూచనాత్మక
  • Allusively (adverb) – ఆడిపోవడంతో, సూచనాత్మకంగా

Example sentences:

  1. He alluded to his previous experience without explicitly mentioning it. (అతను తన మునుపటి అనుభవాన్ని సూచించినాడు.)
  2. The speaker alluded to a famous quote during his speech. (మాటల్లో అతను ఒక ప్రసిద్ధ ఉక్తిని ఆడిపోవాడు.)


The antonym of alludes in Telugu is సూచించుట లేదు (sūciñcuṭa lēdu).

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