Amnesties Meaning in Telugu

Amnesties is a plural noun that refers to the act of granting pardon or forgiveness, usually by a government or authority, to a group of people who have committed certain offenses. In Telugu, amnesties can be translated as క్షమాపణ (kshamāpaṇa).

Pronunciation of Amnesties

The pronunciation of amnesties in Telugu is kshamāpaṇa.

Nearby Words

  • Amnesty (noun) – క్షమాపణ (kshamāpaṇa) – The act of granting pardon or forgiveness.
  • Amnesiac (noun) – మర్మాన్వయి (marmānvayi) – A person suffering from amnesia.
  • Amnesia (noun) – మర్మానాశ (marmānāśa) – A partial or total loss of memory.
  • Amnesic (adjective) – మర్మాన్వయి (marmānvayi) – Relating to or affected by amnesia.

Example sentence: పోలీసులు క్షమాపణ ఇవ్వినట్లు అనేక పేర్లను ఆరోపీకి విడిచినారు (The police granted amnesty to several accused individuals).

Amnesties Synonyms

  • Pardon
  • Forgiveness
  • Exemption
  • Remission

Amnesties Antonyms

The antonym of amnesties in Telugu is దండన (daṇḍana), which means punishment.

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