Amiable Meaning in Telugu

Amiable is an English word that can be translated into Telugu as సౌహార్దపూర్ణమైన (sauhārdapūrṇamaina). It is pronounced as /ˈeɪ.mi.ə.bəl/.

Nearby Words

  • Amicable (adjective) – సౌహార్దపూర్ణమైన (sauhārdapūrṇamaina), మైత్రిపూర్ణమైన (maitripūrṇamaina).
    Example: They had an amicable conversation.
  • Amiably (adverb) – సౌహార్దపూర్ణమైనగా (sauhārdapūrṇamainagā), మైత్రిపూర్ణమైనగా (maitripūrṇamainagā).
    Example: She smiled amiably at her guests.
  • Amiability (noun) – సౌహార్దపూర్ణత (sauhārdapūrṇata), మైత్రిపూర్ణత (maitripūrṇata).
    Example: His amiability made him popular among his colleagues.

Amiable Synonyms

  • Friendly
  • Kind
  • Good-natured
  • Genial
  • Affable

Amiable Antonyms

The antonym of amiable in Telugu is అసౌహార్దపూర్ణమైన (asauhārdapūrṇamaina).

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