amiable compositeur

Amiable Compositeur Meaning in Telugu

Amiable Compositeur is a legal term that refers to a neutral third party who is appointed to resolve a dispute between two parties when they are unable to reach an agreement. In Telugu, it can be translated as:

సౌహార్దపూర్ణ సంయోజకుడు (sauhārdapūrṇa saṅyōjakudu)


Amiable Compositeur is pronounced as /ˈeɪmiəbəl ˌkɒmpəˈziːtər/.

Nearby Words

1. Amiable (adjective) – సౌహార్దపూర్ణ (sauhārdapūrṇa) – having a friendly and pleasant manner.

2. Compositeur (noun) – సంయోజకుడు (saṅyōjakudu) – a person who composes or arranges music.

3. Meaning (noun) – అర్థం (arthaṁ) – the significance or interpretation of something.

Example Sentence: అతను సౌహార్దపూర్ణ సంయోజకుడు గా పని చేస్తున్నాడు (Atanu sauhārdapūrṇa saṅyōjakudu gā pani cēstunnāḍu) – He is working as an amiable compositeur.


Some synonyms for Amiable Compositeur are:

1. Neutral Arbitrator

2. Impartial Mediator

3. Fair Adjudicator


The antonym for Amiable Compositeur in Telugu is:

అనాదరణ (anādaraṇa) – disrespect

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