Advent: Meaning and Pronunciation in Telugu

The word “advent” in Telugu can be translated as “ఆగమనం” (āgamanam), which means the arrival or coming of something or someone.

Pronunciation: [ad-vent] (ఆడ్-వెంట్)

Synonyms of Advent

Some synonyms of advent include:

  • Arrival (ఆగమనం)
  • Coming (రాండించు)
  • Onset (ప్రారంభం)
  • Initiation (ప్రారంభం)
  • Commencement (ప్రారంభం)

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to advent:

  • Adventure (Noun) – సాహసం (sāhasam) – We embarked on an exciting adventure.
  • Adventurous (Adjective) – సాహసీ (sāhasī) – She is an adventurous person who loves to explore new places.
  • Adventurously (Adverb) – సాహసీగా (sāhasīgā) – They traveled adventurously through the dense forest.
  • Adventurist (Noun) – సాహసి (sāhasi) – He is known as an adventurist who takes risks.


The antonym of advent is “అనాగమనం” (anāgamanam), which means absence or non-arrival.

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