Alphabets in Telugu Language

Meanings of Alphabets in Telugu:

అ (a) – Beginning, First, Primary, Initial, Commencement
ఆ (aa) – Yes, Affirmative, Consent, Agreement
ఇ (i) – This, That, Here, There, Present
ఈ (ee) – Now, Current, Recent, Present
ఉ (u) – You, Yours, Yourself, Yourselves
ఊ (oo) – High, Tall, Elevated, Exalted
ఋ (ru) – Sun, Solar, Radiant, Bright
ఎ (e) – And, Also, Moreover, Furthermore
ఏ (ee) – Come, Arrive, Reach, Approach
ఐ (ai) – Love, Affection, Fondness, Attachment
ఒ (o) – Or, Otherwise, Alternatively, Instead
ఓ (oo) – Good, Well, Fine, Excellent
ఔ (au) – End, Conclusion, Termination, Finish
అం (am) – I, Me, Myself, Mine
అః (ah) – No, Negative, Denial, Refusal

Pronunciation of Alphabets:

*అ (a)* – [uh]
*ఆ (aa)* – [aa]
*ఇ (i)* – [ee]
*ఈ (ee)* – [ee]
*ఉ (u)* – [oo]
*ఊ (oo)* – [oo]
*ఋ (ru)* – [roo]
*ఎ (e)* – [eh]
*ఏ (ee)* – [ay]
*ఐ (ai)* – [ai]
*ఒ (o)* – [oh]
*ఓ (oo)* – [oo]
*ఔ (au)* – [ow]
*అం (am)* – [uhm]
*అః (ah)* – [ah]

Synonyms of Alphabets:

Letters, Characters, Symbols, Signs, Graphemes

Nearby Words:

అక్క (noun) – Sister, Sibling
అక్కడ (adverb) – There, That Place
అక్కాడ (adverb) – Here, This Place
అక్కాలు (noun) – Sisters, Siblings
అక్కిడు (noun) – Rice, Paddy
అక్కిని (noun) – Rice, Paddy
అక్కినేలు (noun) – Rice Grains
అక్కిపొడి (noun) – Rice Flour
అక్కిపుడి (noun) – Rice Flour
అక్కిపుడు (noun) – Rice Flour

నా అక్క చాలా చిన్నది. (My sister is very small.)
అక్కడ ఏం ఉంది? (What is there?)
అక్కాడ ఏం ఉంది? (What is here?)
నా అక్కాలు చాలా పండగలు చేస్తారు. (My sisters celebrate many festivals.)
అక్కిడు తినండి. (Eat rice.)
అక్కిని తినండి. (Eat rice.)
అక్కినేలు తినండి. (Eat rice grains.)
అక్కిపుడి తినండి. (Eat rice flour.)
అక్కిపుడు తినండి. (Eat rice flour.)


అంతం (antam) – End, Conclusion, Termination, Finish

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