Agglutinate: Meaning and Pronunciation

Agglutinate is a verb that means to combine or unite into a mass or group. In Telugu, it can be translated as కట్టుకొను (kattukonu), కలిపివేయు (kalipiveyu), కలిపించు (kalipinchu), కలిపించుట (kalipinchuta), కలిపించుటకు (kalipinchutaku).

Pronunciation: uh-gloo-tuh-neyt

Synonyms of Agglutinate

Some synonyms of agglutinate include:

  • Combine
  • Unite
  • Join
  • Blend
  • Merge

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

  • Noun: Mass (భారీభాగం), Group (గుంపు), Cluster (క్లస్టర్)
  • Verb: Combine (కలిపించు), Unite (కలిపివేయు), Merge (మిశ్రమీకరించు)
  • Adjective: Collective (సమూహ), Cohesive (సంఘటన), Blended (మిశ్రమించిన)

Example sentences:

  1. The students formed a group to work on the project. (Noun)
  2. Let’s combine our efforts to achieve success. (Verb)
  3. The collective decision was made by the committee. (Adjective)


The antonym of agglutinate in Telugu is విభజించు (vibhajinchu).

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