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Amount Due Meaning in Telugu

The term “amount due” refers to the total sum of money that is owed or payable. In Telugu, there are several meanings for this term:

Pronunciation of Amount Due

Amount due is pronounced as “మొత్తం చెల్లించబడుతుంది” (mottam cellinchabaduthundi) in Telugu.

Nearby Words

  • Amount (Noun) – మొత్తం (mottam) – The total quantity or sum of something.
  • Due (Adjective) – అవసరమైన (avasaramaina) – Expected or owed at a particular time.
  • Owe (Verb) – అప్పుడు ఉండేందుకు అప్పుడు ఇచ్చేందుకు అప్పుడు ఉండే (appudu undeenduku appudu iccheenduku appudu unde) – To be under an obligation to pay or repay someone.
  • The amount due for the purchase is ₹5000.
  • Please settle the amount due by the end of the month.
  • He failed to pay the amount due on time.

Amount Due Synonyms

  • Outstanding balance
  • Unpaid amount
  • Arrears
  • Debt

Amount Due Antonyms

The antonym for “amount due” in Telugu is “చెల్లించకుండా ఉండే” (cellinchakunda unde), which means “amount paid in full.”

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