Adjudicate: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adjudicate is a verb that means to make a formal judgment or decision about a disputed matter. In Telugu, it is translated as న్యాయపరచు (nyāyaparachu), న్యాయం చేయు (nyāyaṁ cēyu), న్యాయం చేసుకొను (nyāyaṁ cēsukonu).

Pronunciation: [uh-joo-di-keyt]

Synonyms of Adjudicate

1. Judge

2. Decide

3. Arbitrate

4. Resolve

5. Settle

Nearby Words

1. Adjudication (Noun) – న్యాయపరచన (nyāyaparachana)

Example: The adjudication of the case took several months.

2. Adjudicator (Noun) – న్యాయపరచుడు (nyāyaparachuḍu)

Example: The adjudicator carefully considered all the evidence before making a decision.

3. Adjudicatory (Adjective) – న్యాయపరచనాత్మక (nyāyaparachanātmaka)

Example: The adjudicatory process ensures a fair and impartial judgment.


The antonym of adjudicate is “ad” in Telugu, which means న్యాయపరచకం లేని (nyāyaparacakam lēni).

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