Adorns: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adorns is a verb that means to decorate or enhance something, typically by adding beautiful or attractive items. In Telugu, it is translated as అలంకరించు (alaṅkariñcu).

Pronunciation: uh-dawrnz

Synonyms of Adorns

1. Decorates
2. Embellishes
3. Beautifies
4. Ornament

Nearby Words

1. Adore (verb) – ఆరాధించు (ārādhiñcu)
– She adores her little sister and takes care of her.

2. Adorned (adjective) – అలంకరించబడిన (alaṅkariñcabadiṇa)
– The bride looked stunning in her adorned wedding dress.

3. Adornment (noun) – అలంకారం (alaṅkāraṁ)
– The room was filled with beautiful adornments for the festival.


The antonym of adorns in Telugu is అలంకరించకుండా ఉండు (alaṅkariñcakuṇḍā uṇḍu).

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