Activize: Meaning and Pronunciation

Activize is a verb that means to make something or someone active or to become active. In Telugu, it can be translated as సక్రియం చేయు (sakriyaṁ cēyu), ప్రవర్తించు (pravartinchu), or ప్రేరేపించు (prērēpinchu).

Pronunciation: uhk-tuh-vahyz

Synonyms of Activize

1. Energize
2. Stimulate
3. Invigorate
4. Galvanize
5. Motivate

Nearby Words

1. Activate (verb) – సక్రియం చేయు (sakriyaṁ cēyu) – The coach asked the team captain to activate the emergency plan.
2. Active (adjective) – సక్రియం (sakriyaṁ) – Regular exercise helps to maintain an active lifestyle.
3. Activity (noun) – కార్యకలాపం (kāryakalāpaṁ) – The school organized various activities for the students during the annual day celebrations.
4. Activeness (noun) – సక్రియత (sakriyata) – Her activeness in sports earned her a gold medal.
5. Activism (noun) – సక్రియత (sakriyata) – The activist group organized a protest against deforestation.


The antonym of activize is “deactivate” in English. In Telugu, it can be translated as నిష్క్రియం చేయు (niṣkriyaṁ cēyu).

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