Alliterate: Meaning and Pronunciation

Alliterate is an English verb that refers to the act of using words that have the same initial sound or letter. It is pronounced as uh-lit-uh-reyt.

Synonyms of Alliterate

Some synonyms of alliterate include:

  • Assonate (అసోనేట్)
  • Consonate (కన్సోనేట్)
  • Begin with the same sound (ఒకే ధ్వనితో ప్రారంభించు)

Nearby Words

Some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu are:

  • Alliance (noun) – మైత్రికం, సంఘం
  • Alligator (noun) – మొసలి మొక్క
  • All-inclusive (adjective) – అన్ని అంశాలను కూడా పొందిన

Example sentences:

  1. The alliance between the two countries strengthened their position.
  2. Be careful, there’s an alligator in the river!
  3. The resort offers all-inclusive packages for a luxurious vacation.


The antonym of alliterate is “dissonate” (డిసోనేట్) in Telugu.

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