Allogamy: Meaning and Pronunciation

Allogamy, in Telugu (తెలుగు), means పరస్పర ప్రజాసంఘటన (paraspara prajāsaṅghaṭana). Pronounced as /əˈlɒɡəmi/ (uh-LOG-uh-mee).

Synonyms of Allogamy

Some synonyms of allogamy include cross-fertilization, xenogamy, and heterogamy.

Nearby Words

1. Autogamy (Noun) – స్వయంప్రజాసంఘటన (svayamprajāsaṅghaṭana) – Self-fertilization. Example: “Certain plants can reproduce through autogamy.”

2. Pollination (Noun) – పూలకరణ (pūlakaraṇa) – The transfer of pollen from the male part to the female part of a plant. Example: “Bees play a crucial role in pollination.”

3. Fertilization (Noun) – ప్రజాసంఘటన (prajāsaṅghaṭana) – The fusion of male and female gametes to initiate the development of a new organism. Example: “Fertilization occurs after successful pollination.”


The antonym of allogamy in Telugu is స్వయంప్రజాసంఘటనం (svayamprajāsaṅghaṭanaṁ).

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