Adapt: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adapt is a verb that means to adjust or modify oneself or something to fit new conditions or circumstances. It can also refer to the process of changing or altering something to make it suitable for a different purpose.

Pronunciation: uh-dapt

Synonyms of Adapt

1. Adjust (సరిపడుట)
2. Modify (మార్చుట)
3. Alter (మార్చుట)
4. Change (మార్చుట)
5. Transform (మార్చుట)

Nearby Words

1. Adaptable (adjective) – అనుకూలంగా మార్చుట సాధ్యమైన
Example: She is an adaptable person who can easily adjust to new environments.

2. Adaptation (noun) – అనుకూలంగా మార్చుట
Example: The adaptation of the novel into a movie was a huge success.

3. Adaptor (noun) – అనుకూలంగా మార్చుట సాధ్యమైన వ్యక్తి
Example: The adaptor helped in connecting the two incompatible devices.


Ad (అనుకూలంగా మార్చుట సాధ్యమయిన విషయం)

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