Aggregated: Meaning and Pronunciation

In Telugu, “aggregated” can be translated as సమాహితం (samāhitaṁ), సంగ్రహించిన (saṅgrahicina), కూడిన (kūḍina), ఒకేసారిగా కలిగిన (ōkēsārigā kaligina).

Pronunciation: (aggregated) /ˈæɡrɪˌɡeɪtɪd/

Synonyms of Aggregated

Some synonyms of “aggregated” include:

  • collected
  • assembled
  • gathered
  • combined
  • unified

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

  • Aggregate (noun): సమాహారం (samāhāraṁ) – a whole formed by combining several elements.
  • Aggregation (noun): సమాహారం (samāhāraṁ) – the formation of a number of things into a cluster.
  • Aggravate (verb): భారం పెరిగించు (bhāraṁ periṅciṁcu) – make a problem, injury, or offense worse.
  • Aggravation (noun): భారం పెరిగించు (bhāraṁ periṅciṁcu) – the state or process of being aggravated.

Related Sentences:

  • The data was aggregated from various sources to provide a comprehensive analysis.
  • The aggregation of resources allowed for a more efficient distribution.
  • His constant complaints only served to aggravate the situation.
  • The aggravation of her injury required immediate medical attention.


The antonym of “aggregated” in Telugu is విభజించబడలేదు (vibhajincaḍalēdu), which means “unaggregated” or “disaggregated”.

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