Adjudgement: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adjudgement is a noun that refers to the act of making a judgment or decision after careful consideration. It is pronounced as uh-juhj-muhnt.

Synonyms of Adjudgement

Some synonyms of adjudgement include:

  • Judgment
  • Decision
  • Ruling
  • Verdict
  • Determination

Nearby Words

Some nearby words related to adjudgement are:

  • Adjudicate (verb) – న్యాయం చేయు
  • Adjudicator (noun) – న్యాయం చేసేవాడు
  • Adjudicatory (adjective) – న్యాయం చేసే
  • Adjudicative (adjective) – న్యాయం చేసే
  • Adjudicature (noun) – న్యాయాధికారం

Example sentences:

  1. The judge’s adjudgement was fair and unbiased.
  2. The adjudgement of the case took several months.
  3. After careful deliberation, the jury reached their adjudgement.


The antonym of adjudgement is “అన్యాయం” (anyaayam) in Telugu, which means injustice.

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