Agonisingly: Meaning and Pronunciation

Agonisingly is an adverb that describes something causing extreme physical or mental pain or distress. In Telugu, it can be translated as పీడాకరమైనందున (pīḍākaramainanduna), పీడాకరంగా (pīḍākaraṅgā), పీడాకరంగా (pīḍākaraṅgā).

Pronunciation: uh-guh-nahy-zing-lee

Synonyms of Agonisingly

1. Painfully
2. Excruciatingly
3. Torturously
4. Distressingly
5. Harrowingly

Nearby Words

1. Agonising (adjective) – causing great physical or mental pain. పీడాకరంగా (pīḍākaraṅgā)
Example: The agonising screams of the injured echoed through the night.

2. Agonise (verb) – to suffer extreme physical or mental pain. పీడించు (pīḍin̄cu)
Example: She would agonise over the decision for days.

3. Agony (noun) – intense physical or mental suffering. పీడ (pīḍa)
Example: The patient was in agony as the pain became unbearable.


Ad (విరుద్ధం): Pleasurably (ఆనందపరమైనందున, ānandaparamainanduna)

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