Agonising: Meaning and Pronunciation

Agonising is an adjective that describes something causing extreme physical or mental pain or distress. In Telugu, it can be translated as అగ్నిసంకటం (agnisankatam), అగ్నిపీడన (agnipīḍana), అగ్నిపీడనకరమైన (agnipīḍanakaramaina), అగ్నిపీడనకరమైనందు (agnipīḍanakaramainandu), and అగ్నిపీడనకరమైనందుగా (agnipīḍanakaramainandugā).

Pronunciation: uhg-uh-nahy-zing

Synonyms of Agonising

Some synonyms of agonising include excruciating, torturous, tormenting, harrowing, and unbearable.

Nearby Words

1. Agonise (verb) – అగ్నిపీడించు (agnipīḍin̄cu) – The patient continued to agonise in pain.

2. Agonised (adjective) – అగ్నిపీడించిన (agnipīḍin̄cina) – She had an agonised expression on her face.

3. Agonisingly (adverb) – అగ్నిపీడనకరమైనందుగా (agnipīḍanakaramainandugā) – The wait for the test results was agonisingly long.


The antonym of agonising is pleasurable. In Telugu, it can be translated as ఆనందకరమైన (ānandakaramaina).

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