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Air Pocket: Meaning and Pronunciation

An air pocket refers to a small area in the atmosphere where the air pressure is significantly different from the surrounding areas. It is often characterized by a sudden drop in altitude or turbulence experienced by aircraft. In Telugu, air pocket can be translated as వాయు గుడిక (vāyu guḍika).

Pronunciation: vāyu guḍika (వాయు గుడిక)

Synonyms of Air Pocket

1. Turbulence – అస్థిరత (asthirata)

2. Air hole – వాయు గుడిక (vāyu guḍika)

3. Air pocket – వాయు గుడిక (vāyu guḍika)

Nearby Words

1. Airplane (Noun) – విమానం (vimānaṁ) – The airplane flew through an air pocket, causing some turbulence.

2. Altitude (Noun) – ఎత్తు (ettu) – The pilot adjusted the altitude to avoid the air pocket.

3. Pressure (Noun) – ఒత్తు (ottu) – The sudden change in pressure indicated the presence of an air pocket.


Ad (అడ్) – Meaning “down” or “below” in Telugu, it can be considered an antonym to air pocket as it signifies a lower altitude or position.

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