Amorphousness Meaning in Telugu

Amorphousness is a noun that refers to the state or quality of lacking a definite form or shape. In Telugu, it can be translated as అనిర్దిష్టత (anirdiṣṭata).

Pronunciation of Amorphousness

The pronunciation of amorphousness in Telugu is (uh-mawr-fuh s-nis).

Nearby Words

  • Nearby Words:
  • Amorphous (Adjective) – అనిర్దిష్ట (anirdiṣṭa) – lacking a definite form or shape
  • Amorphously (Adverb) – అనిర్దిష్టంగా (anirdiṣṭaṅgā) – in a formless or shapeless manner
  • Amorphism (Noun) – అనిర్దిష్టత (anirdiṣṭata) – the quality of being amorphous

Example Sentence: ఆ పదార్థం అనిర్దిష్టంగా ఉంది (That substance is amorphous).

Amorphousness Synonyms

  • Shapelessness
  • Formlessness
  • Indefiniteness
  • Structurelessness

Amorphousness Antonyms

The antonym of amorphousness in Telugu is నిర్దిష్టత (nirdiṣṭata), which means definiteness or specificity.

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