Amorphous Meaning in Telugu

Amorphous is an English word that can be translated into Telugu in various ways. Here are a few meanings of amorphous in Telugu:

  • అనిర్దిష్టమైన (anirdiṣṭamaina) – without a definite form or shape
  • అస్పష్టమైన (aspasṭamaina) – unclear or vague
  • అనిర్వచనీయమైన (anirvacanīyamaina) – indescribable or indefinable

Pronunciation of Amorphous

The word “amorphous” is pronounced as uh-mawr-fuhs in English.

Nearby Words

  • Nearby words:
    • Noun: ఆకారము (ākāramu) – shape
    • Adjective: స్పష్టమైన (spasṭamaina) – clear
    • Adverb: స్పష్టంగా (spasṭaṅgā) – clearly
    • Verb: వివరించు (vivarincu) – explain

Example sentence: ఆకారము లేని పదార్థం అస్పష్టమైన స్వరూపంలో ఉంటుంది. (Ākāramu lēni padārthaṁ aspasṭamaina svarūpaṁlō uṇṭundi) – The substance without a definite shape is in an amorphous form.

Amorphous Synonyms

  • Indefinite
  • Shapeless
  • Formless
  • Unstructured

Amorphous Antonyms

The antonym of amorphous in Telugu is “నిర్దిష్టమైన” (nirdiṣṭamaina), which means definite or specific.

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