Amorousness Meaning in Telugu

Amorousness, also known as romantic or passionate love, refers to a strong feeling of affection and desire towards someone. In Telugu, amorousness can be expressed in various ways:

Amorousness Meanings in Telugu:

  • కాముకత (kāmukata) – (noun) intense desire or passion
  • ప్రేమలు (prēmalu) – (noun) love or affection
  • ప్రేమాన్ని (prēmānni) – (noun) the act of loving or being in love

Pronunciation: (uh-mawr-uh s-nis)

Nearby Words:

  • ప్రేమ (prēma) – (noun) love
  • ఆకర్షణ (ākarṣaṇa) – (noun) attraction
  • ప్రేమించు (prēminchu) – (verb) to love
  • ఆకర్షించు (ākarṣiṃchu) – (verb) to attract

Example Sentences:

  1. నాకు కాముకత ఉంది. (Nāku kāmukata undi) – I have amorousness.
  2. నేను నిన్ను ప్రేమిస్తున్నాను. (Nēnu ninnu prēmistunnānu) – I love you.

Amorousness Synonyms:

  • Romance
  • Passion
  • Infatuation

Amorousness Antonyms:

The antonym for amorousness in Telugu is “నిరాశ” (nirāśa), which means disappointment or disillusionment.

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