Affect: Meaning and Pronunciation

Affect is a verb that is commonly used in the English language. It has multiple meanings and can be pronounced as /əˈfɛkt/.

Meanings in Telugu:

ప్రభావితం చేయు, ప్రభావం, ప్రభావించు, ప్రభావితం చేసే, ప్రభావితం చేసేవారు

Affect Synonyms:

Influence, impact, alter, change, modify, transform, sway, manipulate, control

Nearby Words:

– Verb: Effect (ప్రభావం)
– Noun: Affection (ఆదరణ)
– Adjective: Affective (ప్రభావిత)
– Adverb: Affectively (ప్రభావితంగా)

Example Sentences:

– His speech affected the audience deeply. (Verb)
– The effect of the medicine was immediate. (Noun)
– She showed great affection towards her pets. (Noun)
– The movie was affective in conveying its message. (Adjective)
– She responded affectively to the music. (Adverb)


Ad (విజ్ఞాపనం)

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