Adulterated: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adulterated is an English word that refers to something that has been impure or contaminated by adding inferior or improper substances. In Telugu, it can be translated as కలిపించిన (kalipinchina), మిశ్రితం చేసిన (mishritam chesina), or కొంచెం కలిపించిన (konchem kalipinchina).

Pronunciation: [uh-duhl-tuh-rey-tid]

Synonyms of Adulterated

Some synonyms of adulterated include contaminated, impure, tainted, diluted, polluted, mixed, debased, and corrupted.

Nearby Words

1. Adulterant (noun) – కలిపించిన పదార్థం (kalipinchina padartha) – The adulterant in the milk caused health issues.

2. Adulterate (verb) – కలిపించు (kalipinchu) – The dishonest shopkeeper tried to adulterate the spices.

3. Adulteration (noun) – కలిపించిన పదార్థం (kalipinchina padartha) – The food inspector found evidence of adulteration in the samples.


The antonym of adulterated is pure, which can be translated as శుద్ధం (shuddham) or నిరపేక్ష (nirapeksha) in Telugu.

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