Adulterating: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adulterating is a verb that refers to the act of making something impure or of lower quality by adding inferior or foreign substances. In Telugu, it is known as కలిపించుట (kalipinchutu).

Pronunciation: (uh-duhl-tuh-rey-ting)

Synonyms of Adulterating

Some synonyms of adulterating include contaminating, diluting, polluting, tainting, and debasing.

Nearby Words

1. Adulterant (noun) – కలిపించేవాడు (kalipinchēvāḍu): a substance that is added to another to make it impure or of lower quality.

2. Adulteration (noun) – కలిపించుట (kalipinchuṭa): the act of adulterating or making something impure.

3. Adulterer (noun) – కలిపించేవాడు (kalipinchēvāḍu): a person who adulterates or makes something impure.

Example sentence: The food inspector found traces of adulterant in the milk, indicating adulteration.


The antonym of adulterating is purifying. In Telugu, it is known as శుద్ధీకరించుట (śuddhīkarin̄chuṭa).

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