aeolian harp

Aeolian Harp: Meaning in Telugu, Pronunciation, Synonyms, Nearby Words, Antonyms

Meaning in Telugu:

Aeolian Harp: ఏలియన్ హార్ప్


Aeolian Harp: *ee-oh-lee-uhn hahrp*


1. Wind Harp
2. Eolian Harp
3. Windharp

Nearby Words:

1. Melody (Noun) – స్వరమయమైన పాట
– The aeolian harp produced a beautiful melody in the breeze.

2. Harmonious (Adjective) – సంగతిగా
– The sound of the aeolian harp was harmonious and soothing.

3. Musical (Adjective) – సంగీతాత్మక
– The aeolian harp created a musical atmosphere in the garden.


Ad (విజ్ఞాపనం)


Explore the meaning, pronunciation, synonyms, nearby words, and antonyms of the aeolian harp. The aeolian harp, also known as “ఏలియన్ హార్ప్” in Telugu, is an instrument that produces melodious sounds when the wind blows through its strings. It is often placed in open spaces like gardens or windows to capture the wind’s natural music. The term “aeolian” refers to the Greek god of the wind, Aeolus.

The aeolian harp is pronounced as *ee-oh-lee-uhn hahrp*. It is also called the wind harp, eolian harp, or windharp. The instrument’s soothing sounds create a harmonious atmosphere and add a musical touch to any environment.

Some nearby words related to the aeolian harp include “melody” (స్వరమయమైన పాట), “harmonious” (సంగతిగా), and “musical” (సంగీతాత్మక). For example, the aeolian harp produces a beautiful melody in the breeze, and its sound is harmonious and soothing. It creates a musical atmosphere in the garden.

Antonyms for the aeolian harp include “ad” (విజ్ఞాపనం), which stands for advertisement.

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