Aeon: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms

Aeon is a noun that refers to an indefinite and long period of time. In Telugu, it can be translated as యుగం, కాలం, కాలాంతరం. (yugam, kaalam, kaalaantharam)

Pronunciation: ee-on

Synonyms for aeon include eternity, forever, age, and epoch.

Nearby Words

1. Eternity (Noun) – నిత్యత్వం (nityatvam) – The state of being eternal.

Example: The concept of eternity is difficult to comprehend.

2. Forever (Adverb) – ఎప్పుడూ (eppudu) – For all future time; for always.

Example: They promised to love each other forever.

3. Age (Noun) – యుగం (yugam) – A particular period of history.

Example: The Renaissance was an age of great cultural and intellectual development.

4. Epoch (Noun) – యుగం (yugam) – A particular period of time marked by distinctive features or events.

Example: The Industrial Revolution was an epoch that transformed society.


The antonym for aeon in Telugu is క్షణం (kshanam), which means “moment” or “instant”.

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