agricultural engineering

Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering is the branch of engineering that applies engineering principles and technology to agricultural production and processing. It involves the design, development, and improvement of agricultural machinery, equipment, structures, and systems.


Agricultural Engineering (pronounced: ag-ri-kuhl-cher-uhl en-juh-neer-ing)


1. Farm Engineering
2. Agricultural Technology
3. Ag Engineering
4. Agri Engineering

Nearby Words

1. Agriculture (Noun) – వ్యవసాయం, vyavasayam
Example: Agriculture is the backbone of our economy.

2. Engineer (Noun) – ఇంజనీరు, injineeru
Example: My brother is an engineer working in the agricultural sector.

3. Machinery (Noun) – యంత్రాలు, yantralu
Example: The farm has modern machinery for efficient operations.


Ad (meaning in Telugu) – విజ్ఞాపన, vijnapan

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