agricultural extension

Agricultural Extension

Agricultural extension, వ్యవసాయ విస్తరణ, is a term used to describe the application of scientific research and new technologies to improve agricultural practices and increase productivity. It involves the dissemination of information and knowledge to farmers, helping them adopt new techniques and technologies to enhance their agricultural production.


Agricultural Extension is pronounced as /ˌæɡrɪˈkʌltʃərəl ɪkˈstɛnʃən/.


Some synonyms for agricultural extension include agricultural outreach, rural development, and agricultural advisory services.

Nearby Words

  • Farmer (Noun) – రైతు, a person who cultivates land and raises crops.
  • Crop (Noun) – పంట, a plant cultivated for food, fiber, or other economic purposes.
  • Agriculture (Noun) – వ్యవసాయం, the science and practice of cultivating plants and livestock.
  • Technology (Noun) – సాంకేతిక శాస్త్రం, the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.

Example Sentence: The agricultural extension officer provided valuable guidance to the farmers on improving their crop yields.


The antonym for agricultural extension in Telugu is వ్యవసాయ విస్తరణ విరుద్ధం (vyaavasaaya vistarana viruddham).

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