agricultural farm

Agricultural Farm

An agricultural farm, also known as a (వ్యవసాయ వ్యాపార వ్యవస్థ), is a piece of land used for cultivating crops, raising livestock, and other agricultural activities. It serves as a primary source of food production and plays a crucial role in the economy of a country.


Agricultural Farm is pronounced as /ˌæɡrɪˈkʌltʃərəl fɑrm/.


Some synonyms for agricultural farm include:

  • Farmstead
  • Ranch
  • Plantation
  • Estate
  • Cultivated land

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to agricultural farm:

  • Noun: Field (పొడవైన), Crop (పంట), Livestock (పశువులు), Harvest (పంట పంటి), Irrigation (నీటి పంపు)
  • Verb: Cultivate (పంటించు), Plow (రాలుంచు), Sow (విత్తించు), Harvest (పంటించు), Reap (కట్టుకోవడం)
  • Adjective: Fertile (ఉత్పత్తిశీల), Arable (పంటించగల), Rural (గ్రామీణ), Agricultural (వ్యవసాయ), Organic (స్వయంచేతన)

Example sentences:

  1. The farmer plowed the field to prepare it for sowing. (Noun)
  2. They cultivate various crops on their agricultural farm. (Verb)
  3. The fertile land is ideal for setting up an agricultural farm. (Adjective)


The antonym for agricultural farm in Telugu is (వ్యవసాయ వ్యాపార వ్యవస్థ).

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