agricultural income

Agricultural Income

Agricultural income refers to the earnings or revenue generated from agricultural activities. It includes the income derived from cultivating land, growing crops, raising livestock, and any other agricultural practices. In Telugu language, agricultural income is known as వ్యవసాయ ఆదాయం (vyavasāya ādāyaṁ).


Vyavasāya ādāyaṁ (vee-uh-vuh-saayaa aa-daayam)


1. Farm income
2. Rural income
3. Crop revenue
4. Agricultural earnings
5. Harvest proceeds

Nearby Words

1. Agriculture (Noun) – వ్యవసాయం (vyavasāyaṁ) – The practice of cultivating land and rearing crops or animals for food, fiber, or other products.
Example: వ్యవసాయం చేసే వారికి ఆదాయం ఉంది. (vyavasāyaṁ cēsē vāriki ādāyaṁ undi) – They have income from agriculture.

2. Farmer (Noun) – రైతుడు (raituḍu) – A person who cultivates land or raises crops or animals for food.
Example: రైతుడు తన ఆదాయాన్ని పెంచుకుంటుంది. (raituḍu tana ādāyānni penchukuntundi) – The farmer is managing his income.

3. Harvest (Noun) – పంట పంటను తీసుకునే సమయం (panta panta nu tīsukunē samayam) – The time of gathering crops.
Example: పంట పంటను తీసుకునే సమయంలో ఆదాయం పెంచుకుంటుంది. (panta panta nu tīsukunē samayamlo ādāyaṁ penchukuntundi) – Income is earned during the harvest season.


Income in Telugu is ఆదాయం (ādāyaṁ).

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