Adz: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms

An adz, also spelled adze, is a cutting tool used for shaping wood. It consists of a curved blade that is attached to a handle. The Telugu meanings of adz include కత్తి (katti), కత్తిక (kattika), and కత్తికాయ (kattikaya).

Pronunciation: adz (ædz)

Some synonyms of adz are axe, hatchet, chisel, and gouge.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

  • Adze (noun): కత్తి (katti), కత్తిక (kattika), కత్తికాయ (kattikaya)
  • Wood (noun): చెక్క (chekka), చెక్కు (chekku), కాటు (kaatu)
  • Tool (noun): పని (pani), పనికి (paniki), పనిచేయు (panicheyu)
  • Handle (noun): హాతం (hatam), హాతంలో (hatamlo), హాతంలోనూ (hatamlonu)

Example sentences:

  1. I used an adz to shape the wooden sculpture. (Noun)
  2. He carefully held the adz by its handle. (Noun)
  3. She is skilled at using an adz to carve intricate designs. (Noun)


The Telugu word for ad is వెంట (venta).

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