Adze: Meaning and Pronunciation in Telugu

Adze is a tool used for shaping wood. In Telugu, it is known as ఆడుసు (āḍusu), ఆడుసుకారి (āḍusukāri), or ఆడుసుకొండ (āḍusukonda).

Pronunciation: (ādz)

Synonyms of Adze

1. Axe
2. Hatchet
3. Chisel
4. Gouge
5. Mallet

Nearby Words

1. Wood (Noun) – చెక్క (chekka) – The material that adze is used to shape.

2. Carpenter (Noun) – కార్పెంటర్ (kārpeṇṭar) – A person who uses an adze for woodworking.

3. Tool (Noun) – పనిచేసే యంత్రం (panichēsē yantram) – An instrument used for a specific purpose, like an adze.

4. Woodworking (Noun) – చెక్క కార్యకలాపం (chekka kāryakalāpaṁ) – The activity or skill of working with wood.

Example Sentence: The carpenter used an adze to shape the wooden beam.


The antonym of adze in Telugu is అన్నింటినీ చేయుట (annintīnī cēyuṭa), which means “to undo everything.”

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