Advocate: Meaning and Pronunciation

Advocate is a noun that refers to a person who supports or defends a cause, policy, or person. In Telugu, it is known as పరామర్శకుడు (parāmarśakuḍu), ప్రతిపక్షపాత్రుడు (pratipakṣapātrudu), or ప్రచారకుడు (pracārakuḍu).

Pronunciation: [ad-vuh-kit]

Synonyms of Advocate

1. Supporter
2. Champion
3. Defender
4. Proponent
5. Backer

Nearby Words

1. Argument (noun) – వాదం (vādaṁ) – The couple had an argument about their future plans.
2. Counsel (noun) – సలహా (salahā) – The lawyer provided counsel to his client.
3. Promote (verb) – ప్రచారం చేయు (pracāraṁ cēyu) – The company used various marketing strategies to promote their new product.
4. Support (verb) – మద్దతు చేయు (maddatu cēyu) – I will always support my friend in his endeavors.
5. Defend (verb) – పాత్రను రక్షించు (pātranu rakṣiñcu) – The lawyer will defend his client in court.


The antonym of advocate in Telugu is విరోధి (virōdhi), which means opponent or adversary.

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