Meanings in Telugu:

వాతాన్ని, బాదాం, బాదం




Nuts, kernel, seed

Nearby Words:

  • Almond oil (noun) – బాదాం నూనె, బాదం ఆయిల్ – Almond oil is commonly used in skincare products.
  • Almond milk (noun) – బాదాం పాలు, బాదం పాలు – Many people prefer almond milk as a dairy-free alternative.
  • Almond tree (noun) – బాదాం చెట్టు, బాదం చెట్టు – The almond tree produces delicious nuts.


Ad (అడ్)

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Almond, known as వాతాన్ని (vātānni), బాదాం (bādāṁ), or బాదం (bādaṁ) in Telugu, is a popular nut with various meanings and uses. It is pronounced as “ahl-muhnd”. Almonds are often referred to as nuts, kernels, or seeds. In Telugu, they are commonly used in phrases like “almond oil” (బాదాం నూనె) and “almond milk” (బాదాం పాలు). The almond tree (బాదాం చెట్టు) is known for producing these delicious nuts.

The antonym of almond in Telugu is “ad” (అడ్). If you want to explore more about almonds, you can visit,, or

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