Aes is a term used in Telugu language, which has multiple meanings. Some of the meanings of aes in Telugu are:

  • ఆకారము (shape)
  • ఆకృతి (form)
  • ఆకృత్య (figure)
  • ఆకృత్యము (structure)

Pronunciation of aes:


Synonyms of aes:

Some synonyms of aes include:

  • ఆకారము (akaramu)
  • ఆకృతి (akruti)
  • ఆకృత్య (akruthya)
  • ఆకృత్యము (akruthyamu)

Nearby words:

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

  • Adjective: ఆకారముగా (aakaramuga) – in the shape of
  • Noun: ఆకారములో (aakaramulo) – in the form of
  • Verb: ఆకారముగా ఉండే (aakaramuga undhe) – to be in the shape of

Related sentences:

  • ఆకారముగా ఉన్న వస్తువు (aakaramuga unna vasthuvu) – an object in the shape of
  • ఆకారములో ఉండే వస్తువు (aakaramulo undhe vasthuvu) – an object in the form of


The antonym of aes in Telugu is అనాకారము (anaakaramu).

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