Alpinist: Meaning and Pronunciation

An alpinist is a noun that refers to a person who climbs mountains, especially in the Alps. In Telugu, it is known as అల్పినిస్టు (alpinistu).

Pronunciation: al-pin-ist

Synonyms of Alpinist

1. Mountaineer (పర్వతారోహిణి, parvatārōhiṇi)

2. Climber (పర్వతారోహిణి, parvatārōhiṇi)

3. Rock climber (రాక్ క్లైంబర్, rāk klaimbar)

Nearby Words

1. Mountain (Noun) – పర్వతం (parvataṁ) – The alpinist climbed the mountain with great determination.

2. Climbing (Noun) – ఆరోహణ (ārōhaṇa) – She enjoys the thrill of climbing as an alpinist.

3. Expedition (Noun) – ప్రయాణం (prayāṇaṁ) – The alpinist joined an expedition to conquer the highest peak.


The antonym of alpinist in Telugu is అల్పినిస్టు విరుద్ధం (alpinistu viruddhaṁ).

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