Aestivation: Meaning and Pronunciation

Aestivation, also known as estivation, is a term used in biology to describe the state of dormancy or inactivity that certain animals enter during hot and dry periods. In Telugu, aestivation can be translated as ఆకాశాన్తరం (aakaashaantharam), నిద్రావస్థ (nidraavastha), or నిద్రావస్థానం (nidraavasthaanam).

Pronunciation: [es-tuh-vey-shuhn]

Synonyms of Aestivation

1. Dormancy
2. Torpor
3. Hibernation
4. Quiescence
5. Suspended animation

Nearby Words

1. Aesthete (noun) – సౌందర్యప్రియుడు (saundaryapriyudu) – She is an aesthete who appreciates art and beauty.

2. Aesthetic (adjective) – సౌందర్యమయమైన (saundaryamayaina) – The painting has an aesthetic appeal.

3. Aesthetics (noun) – సౌందర్యశాస్త్రం (saundaryashastram) – The course explores the principles of aesthetics in art.

4. Aesthetically (adverb) – సౌందర్యముగా (saundaryamuga) – The garden is aesthetically designed.

5. Aestivate (verb) – ఆకాశాన్తరం పోవు (aakaashaantharam povu) – The turtles aestivate during the dry season.


The antonym of aestivation in Telugu is జాగ్రత్త (jaagrattha).

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