Aetiologies: Meaning and Pronunciation

Aetiologies, also spelled etiologies, is a noun that refers to the study or investigation of the causes or origins of diseases, disorders, or phenomena. In Telugu, it is known as కారణాల శాస్త్రం (kāraṇāla śāstram).

Pronunciation: [ee-tee-ol-uh-jeez]

Synonyms of Aetiologies

Some synonyms of aetiologies include:

  • Causation
  • Pathogenesis
  • Origin
  • Source

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to aetiologies:

  • Noun: Cause (కారణం) – Smoking is a cause of lung cancer.
  • Noun: Origin (మూలం) – The origin of the universe is still a mystery.
  • Noun: Reason (కారణం) – Lack of sleep can be a reason for fatigue.
  • Noun: Source (మూలం) – The river is the source of fresh water.

Example sentences:

  • The aetiologies of mental illnesses are complex and multifactorial.
  • Scientists are conducting research to determine the aetiologies of rare genetic disorders.
  • Understanding the aetiologies of climate change is crucial for developing effective mitigation strategies.


The antonym of aetiologies in Telugu is పరిణామాలు (parināmālu).

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