Bairn Meaning in Nepali: बालक, बालिका, छोरा, छोरी, सन्तान

Definition and Usage

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: (bairn)

Meaning of Bairn in Nepali

Bairn is a noun that means a child or a young person. In Nepali, it can be translated as बालक, बालिका, छोरा, छोरी, or सन्तान.

Nearby Words for Bairn

  • Noun: Child (बालक, बालिका), Kid (बालक, बालिका), Offspring (छोरा, छोरी), Progeny (सन्तान)

Bairn Synonyms

  • Child (बालक, बालिका)
  • Kid (बालक, बालिका)
  • Infant (अवस्थित बालक)
  • Toddler (बालबालिका)
  • Youngster (युवा)
  • Offspring (छोरा, छोरी)

Antonyms of Bairn

  • Adult (वयस्क)
  • Elder (बडा)
  • Parent (अभिभावक)

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